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Synchronous e-learning

*This course is accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore under the WSQ skills Framework RET-OTO-4001-1.1 Affiliate Marketing

Course Codes: TGS-2022013396

Course Support Period: 29 Apr 2022- 28 Apr 2024

*This course is accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore under the WSQ Skills Framework RET-OTO-4001-1.1 Affiliate Marketing

Course Codes: TGS-2022013396

Course Support Period: 29 Apr 2022 - 28 Apr 2024

*This course is accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore under the WSQ Skills Framework RET-OTO-4001-1.1 Affiliate Marketing

Course Codes: TGS-2022013396

Course Support Period: 29 Apr 2022 - 28 Apr 2024


Parlour Group is a WSQ Approved Training Organisation accredited by Skillsfuture Singapore

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WSQ Affiliate Marketing Champion

Monetization & Passive income creator


credits eligible



SME Grant

& absentee payroll



Build a passive income that enables you to work less and win 

Be a certified Affiliate Marketer only in 2 days

Grants Available (can claim up to 70% funding)

Enrolling in an Affiliate Marketing Course is one of the finest ways to study Affiliate Marketing. That’s why you are here! 

Starting from scratch, this course explains what affiliate marketing is and how it functions. You can start marketing with the help of this course without spending a lot of time or money. It uses well-established platforms and programs to take a direct approach to affiliate marketing, making it simple for anyone to get started. As a result, you can start selling and marketing right away.

Learning Outcomes

Interpret affiliate marketing strategies and develop into effective implementation plans to sell products and services online.

Design powerful affiliate portfolios that comply with best practices, policies and guidelines.


Leverage on selected affiliate partners and platforms to broaden the reach of marketing efforts and grow sales.

Collaborate with affiliate partners to manage marketing campaigns effectively.


Monitor and evaluate affiliate marketing performance by using appropriate performance metrics.

To provide an opportunity for learners to learn new skills.


YES! But not everyone will succeed that’s why we are here to help and guide you to do affiliate marketing properly and for you to GENERATE PASSIVE INCOME. 

With this training, you will learn the steps to become a passive income creator and how to be a successful affiliate marketer using the latest and most effective strategies. Become your own boss and control your destiny!

Course Content

This course covers the knowledge and skills required to manage the implementation of affiliate marketing strategies to strengthen customer engagement and loyalty, enhance lead conversion, and determine top-performing products to promote and broaden the reach of marketing efforts.

Why become an Affiliate Marketing Champion?

Creating new Passive Income

"Professionals dive into it,  University students thrive from it and Businesses diversify with it"

⭐Special highlights on TikTok for Affiliate Marketing    

⭐Learn about Monetisation & new ways to earn Passive income

⭐Identify and select products and services that are suitable for Affiliate Marketing

⭐New Marketing strategies that are in touch with the pulse of social media today

⭐Develop and omni-channel marketing campaign to reach targeted audiences

⭐Develop a website that will add credibility to your business and propel your affiliate marketing

⭐Avenue for earning a recurring income for the long term and exponential growth in business

⭐Leverage talents and networks of affiliate to reach to others whom you or the company many not have access to
Be a certified Affiliate Marketing Champion today

Online Course Dates

Please contact our Course enrollment counsellors to check on grant eligibility




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Course Provider:

Parlour Group

Mode of Training : Online Training


Baseline Funding
Training Grant Amount
Net Course Fee
After Training Grant
After GST
Mid-Career Enhanced
Subsidy (MCES)
Training Grant Amount
Net Course Fee​ After Training Grant
After GST
Singapore Citizens and
Permanent Residents
Training Grant Amount
Net Course Fee ​After Training Grant
After GST

2 days

9-6 pm

(75% attendance required)

Course Fees


per pax excl 7% GST


Sandra Tan - Parlour Group.jpg


Sandra is the Founder and Director of Esteem Communications & Training Consultancy, with more than 25 years of experience in corporate and academic work. She is an emerging voice on LinkedIn on hospitality, retail, and entrepreneurship and a speaker on digital marketing trends and personal development.

Fairoz Karim.jpg

Fairoz Karim

He is managing Parlour Group’s salon, Pink Parlour since year 2007.

He helped in Pink Parlour’s expansion and its presence in Southeast Asia countries, includes Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


 He is completing his Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP) in Oct 2022 and joining Parlour Group Education Training as a trainer.


5 star_edited.png

The course was great because it actually showed me what to do step by step to get up my first affiliate channel!


5 star_edited.png

I suppose a course for social media marketing and content planning management woud compliment this course!

Vin Lam

5 star_edited.png

This course has taught me to leverage on social media for the affliate marketing strategy. It has also opened my view on Affiliate marketing to earning health passive income through niche market.


Why do you need to start doing Affiliate marketing today?

1. You can start with very little money

2. You can do it alone

3. You don't need to deal with customer service

4. You don't have to deal with inventory

5. No shipping cost

6. Gain your freedom

7. Bond with your love ones

8. You can earn while you sleep


Affiliate Marketing certificate.jpg

Certification of achievement by Parlour Group will be awarded to candidates who have demonstrated competency in the WSQ Social Media Marketing Champion assessment and achieved at least 75% attendance

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum GCE ‘N’ Level and/or able to read, write, listen and speak of English to a  proficiency level equivalent to Employability Skills System Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 6; and count to a proficiency level equivalent to Employability Skills System Workplace Numeracy (WPN) Level 6.

  • Able to operate a personal desktop computer/laptop with Level 3 Intermediate Computing and Applications.

  • Be motivated to learn.

  • Conducted over zoom.

Payment Method

1. PayNow via this QR code


Note: Please put a remark with your full name

2. Internet Bank Transfer from Singapore

3. Internet Bank Transfer from other countries

Account name: Parlour Group Pte. Ltd.

Account number/IBAN: GB54TCCL04140495202189

Bank name: The Currency Cloud Limited


Branch address: 12 Steward Street, The Steward Building, London, E1 6FQ, GB

Bank country: United Kingdom (UK)

Account name: Parlour Group Pte. Ltd

Account number:  8852-1559-9006

Bank name: DBS Bank Ltd

Branch code: 001

Bank code: 7171

4. Credit / Debit Card payment.

Once payment is made, please provide details of your payment to

Course Completion Requirements

The learner needs to complete 75% attendance

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