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Refund & Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal As A Result Of Non-Delivery Of Course:

A Learner will be entitled to instantly withdraw from the Course by giving created notice to Parlour Group Pte Ltd of his/her purpose to do so if Parlour Group Pte Ltd is in violation of any one of its commitments under this Contract or fails to execute its responsibility( s).


Refunds For Withdrawal Due To Other Reasons:

Where the Learners withdraws from the Course for any type of reason other than those laid out under "Refund for Withdrawal due to non-delivery obviously", Parlour Group Pte Ltd will as soon as possible after getting the Learners email notice of withdrawal (and nevertheless no greater than fourteen (14) working days after receiving such notification) refund to the Learners the complying with amounts (less application fee):




Upon receiving the learner's written notice of withdrawal, course fees will be refunded as follows:

Percentage %    If learner's written notice of withdrawal is received 


90% More than [14] days before the course commencement date


50% Before, but not more than [14] days before the course commencement date


Any request that is less than 14 calendar days before the training starts will be subjected to Parlour Group approval. A $20.00 will be incurred for processing refunds.


Cooling-Off Period


Parlour Group Pte Ltd will certainly supply the Learners with a cooling-off period of fourteen (14) functioning days after the date that the contract has been signed by both events. The Learners will be refunded the highest percent of the costs already paid if the Learners send a created notification of withdrawal to Parlour Group Pte Ltd within the cooling-off period of the agreement, regardless of whether the Learners have begun the program or not.

​Reimbursement Process


Step 1 - Learners to send via email their "Withdrawal/Refund Request".


Step 2 - Submit any required supporting documents requests by us via email.


Step 3 - Learners will receive an e-mail specifying the result of the withdrawal/refund request together with directions for collection of refund (if applicable) not greater than 5 working days from the date of withdrawal/refund demand.


Step 4 - For accepted refund request, the Learner will receive it via paynow or bank transfer.

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