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Training Director


Wendi Chan was born and raised in Singapore. She lived in the United States where she learned the importance of branding and marketing. She helps lead Parlour Group ahead of the competition with her extensive experience in branding and marketing, as well as her intuition and insights on business practices and emerging market trends.

Wendi Chan is driven by the opportunity to empower women to be confident and self-reliant. She has been a Master Skills Trainer for over ten years and an ACLP (Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance) trainer since 2021. She is a marketer, manager, entrepreneur, and therapist. She has always been passionate about empowering others. With her extensive industry experience, which includes hands-on skills as well as business and management knowledge, she can deliver meaningful learning plans, particularly in the areas of Management, Marketing, Food & Beverage, Beauty and Wellness, and Health and Fitness.


Her areas of expertise include brand development and team training. As a certified Learning Solutionist, she is able to share her knowledge and insights in her training because she has a degree in Marketing, experience in brand management, technical skills training in the beauty and retail industries, and a background in business startups in various industries.


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Chief Executive Officer

Derrick Seeto graduated with a Degree in Economics and Marketing from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.



He worked at several start-ups including Dinkurn Technologies which specializes in mobile GPS tracking, for launching online loyalty programs for corporates such as Singtel, and for handling FMCG clients' online branding sites. 

In 2001, he launched which specializes in helping corporates build, operate and market their websites. This includes,,, and His special interest in E-Commerce, CRM, and social networking led Mr. Seeto to open in 2006 which launched online stores for SMEs and helped them to market online via Online PR activities through social networks.


He was approached by his now partner, Wendi Chan, to set up Parlour Group. His role is to manage finances and use his skill sets in web technologies to give Parlour Group a head start. Services cover web design and development as well as online marketing through Google Ad words, Online PR through social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Bloggers, and Forums which eventually led to the launching of Parlour Group's online store, online bookings, and now iPhone Apps and Games.

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Fairoz Karim_edited.jpg

Fairoz Karim  D IFC ACLP

General Manager

Fairoz Karim has been managing Parlour Group salon since 2007.

His dedication to the company and beauty industry has helped in Pink Parlour's expansion and presence in South East Asia countries which include Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

His experiences include Strategic Marketing, Business Management, Sales, and Social Digital Media Marketing.

He believes that great Customer service and relations are the fundamentals of the business to stay competitive and continue to grow. He is also a SkillsFuture certified Adult Educator Institute Adult Learning Singapore University of Social Sciences.

With a flair for social media, he has also been a great emcee on Parlour Group’s Youtube channel.

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Ms. Grace On Beauty Trainer

Grace On ACTA


She has more than 15 years of experience working and training in corporate companies-local SMEs, MNC, as well as the beauty and wellness industry. A very determined lady, she is highly recognized for her passion and she has been invited to conduct workshops for church groups and business events in the area of corporate image, colors, personal grooming, business etiquettes and has received excellent reviews. She had opportunities to train at IMH and NUS in 2015 and NIE/NTU in 2016.

Grace was also invited to the Beauty Asia Exhibition in 2017 to do 'live' demonstrations on eyebrow embroidery and wrote training materials for U Academy.


In 2018, Grace was also a field trainer with The Face Shop providing training on customer service, team bonding, as well as selling techniques.


Grace also started as a full time freelance trainer in 2018 teaching in WSQ ATOs on beauty & Wellness courses such as semi-permanent makeup, personal makeup, self-care wellness related routines such as korean bojin, guasha facial treatments etc. She was also the winner for the best brow embroidery in 2021 for Vanity Award 2021 voted by netizens.


As much as she believes in improving your outward appearances, she also believes in moving with the trend. She later upgraded herself and completed a train-the-trainer digital marketing course at The First Media Academy, after which she was given opportunities to train in the school.

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